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  1. Marine fish populations are often characterized by high levels of gene flow and correspondingly low genetic divergence. This presents a challenge to define management units. Goldsinny wrasse (Ctenolabrus rupestri...

    Authors: Eeva Jansson, Francois Besnier, Ketil Malde, Carl André, Geir Dahle and Kevin A. Glover
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:118
  2. The alteration in weather patterns expected due to climate change will affect farm animal performance, probably resulting in lower quantity and quality of available products. A potential mitigation strategy wo...

    Authors: Enrique Sánchez-Molano, Vanessa V. Kapsona, Stavroula Oikonomou, Ann McLaren, Nicola Lambe, Joanne Conington and Georgios Banos
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:116
  3. Feather pecking (FP) is damaging behavior in laying hens leading to global economic losses in the layer industry and massive impairments of animal welfare. The objective of the study was to discover genetic va...

    Authors: Clemens Falker-Gieske, Hanna Iffland, Siegfried Preuß, Werner Bessei, Cord Drögemüller, Jörn Bennewitz and Jens Tetens
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:114
  4. In order to study the relations of hepatocellular functions, weight gain and metabolic imbalance caused by low-dose antibiotics (LDA) via epigenetic regulation of gene transcription, 32 weaned piglets were emp...

    Authors: Yue Hu, Yihe Zhang, Cong Liu, Rui Qin, Desheng Gong, Ru Wang, Du Zhang, Lianqiang Che, Daiwen Chen, Guizhong Xin, Fei Gao and Qi Hu
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:112
  5. Large-scale human sequencing projects have described around a hundred-million single nucleotide variants (SNVs). These studies have predominately involved individuals with European ancestry despite the fact th...

    Authors: Lucy Crooks, Johnathan Cooper-Knock, Paul R. Heath, Ahmed Bouhouche, Mostafa Elfahime, Mimoun Azzouz, Youssef Bakri, Mohammed Adnaoui, Azeddine Ibrahimi, Saaïd Amzazi and Rachid Tazi-Ahnini
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:111
  6. Productivity of cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp] in sub-Sahara Africa is curtailed by a lack of farmer-preferred and improved cultivars and modern production technologies. The objectives of the study were to ...

    Authors: Nelia Nkhoma, Hussein Shimelis, Mark D. Laing, Admire Shayanowako and Isack Mathew
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:110
  7. Reference genes are usually stably expressed in various cells and tissues. However, it was reported that the expression of some reference genes may be distinct in different species. In this study, we intend to...

    Authors: Wenbin Liu, Xiudan Yuan, Shuli Yuan, Liuye Dai, Shenghua Dong, Jinhui Liu, Liangyue Peng, Minmeng Wang, Yi Tang and Yamei Xiao
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:107
  8. Plant calmodulin-binding transcription activator (CAMTA) proteins play important roles in hormone signal transduction, developmental regulation, and environmental stress tolerance. However, in wheat, the CAMTA ge...

    Authors: Fan Yang, Fu-shuang Dong, Fang-hui Hu, Yong-wei Liu, Jian-fang Chai, He Zhao, Meng-yu Lv and Shuo Zhou
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:105
  9. Prebreeding in plants is the activity designed to identify useful characteristics from wild germplasm and its integration in breeding programs. Prebreeding aims to introduce new variation into the populations ...

    Authors: L. M. Egan, R. W. Hofmann, P. Seguin, K. Ghamkhar and V. Hoyos-Villegas
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:104
  10. WRKY transcription factors (TFs) have been suggested to play crucial roles in the response to biotic and abiotic stresses. This study is the first to report the alkaline salt regulation of the WRKY gene.

    Authors: Xin Wang, Zainab Ajab, Chenxi Liu, Songmiao Hu, Jiali Liu and Qingjie Guan
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:103
  11. Amorphophallus albus P. Y. Liu & J. F. Chen (Araceae) is a plant species with extremely small populations (PSESP) and an important economic crop endemic to dry-hot valleys along the Jinsha River. In order to gain...

    Authors: Rong Tang, Erxi Liu, Yazhou Zhang, Johann Schinnerl, Weibang Sun and Gao Chen
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:102
  12. The complement cascade is increasingly implicated in development of a variety of diseases with strong immune contributions such as Alzheimer’s disease and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Mouse models have been u...

    Authors: Harriet M. Jackson, Kate E. Foley, Rita O’Rourke, Timothy M. Stearns, Dina Fathalla, B. Paul Morgan and Gareth R. Howell
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:101
  13. Canine progressive retinal atrophies are a group of hereditary retinal degenerations in dogs characterised by depletion of photoreceptor cells in the retina, which ultimately leads to blindness. PRA in the Lha...

    Authors: Rebekkah J. Hitti-Malin, Louise M. Burmeister, Sally L. Ricketts, Thomas W. Lewis, Louise Pettitt, Mike Boursnell, Ellen C. Schofield, David Sargan and Cathryn S. Mellersh
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:100
  14. Myanmar cattle populations predominantly consist of native cattle breeds (Pyer Sein and Shwe), characterized by their geographical location and coat color, and the Holstein-Friesian crossbreed, which is highly...

    Authors: Guillermo Giovambattista, Kyaw Kyaw Moe, Meripet Polat, Liushiqi Borjigin, Si Thu Hein, Hla Hla Moe, Shin-Nosuke Takeshima and Yoko Aida
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:95
  15. The Human Leukocyte Antigen G (HLA-G) protein is an immune tolerogenic molecule with 7 isoforms. The change of expression level and some polymorphisms of the HLA-G gene are involved in various pathologies. The...

    Authors: Elaheh Emadi, Fatemeh Akhoundi, Seyed Mehdi Kalantar and Modjtaba Emadi-Baygi
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:94
  16. Waterlogging is one of the most serious abiotic stresses affecting wheat-growing regions in China. Considerable differences in waterlogging tolerance have been found among different wheat varieties, and the me...

    Authors: Changwei Shen, Jingping Yuan, Hong Qiao, Zijuan Wang, Yuanhai Liu, Xiujuan Ren, Fei Wang, Xing Liu, Ying Zhang, Xiling Chen and Xingqi Ou
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:93
  17. Triatoma brasiliensis Neiva, 1911 is the main vector of Trypanosoma cruzi in the caatinga of Northeastern Brazil. Despite of its epidemiological relevance, there are few studies on its genetic variability. Using ...

    Authors: Claudia Mendonça Bezerra, Carlota Josefovicz Belisário, Grasielle Caldas D’Ávilla Pessoa, Aline Cristine Luiz Rosa, Carla Patrícia Barezani, Flávio Campos Ferreira, Alberto Novaes Ramos Jr, Ricardo Esteban Gürtler and Liléia Diotaiuti
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:92
  18. G-protein subunit beta 1 like (GNB1L) encodes a G-protein beta-subunit-like polypeptide. Chicken GNB1L is upregulated in the breast muscle of high feed efficiency chickens, and its expression is 1.52-fold that in...

    Authors: Tuanhui Ren, Ying Yang, Wujian Lin, Wangyu Li, Mingjian Xian, Rong Fu, Zihao Zhang, Guodong Mo, Wen Luo and Xiquan Zhang
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:91
  19. Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have successfully identified genetic susceptible variants for complex diseases. However, the underlying mechanism of such association remains largely unknown. Most diseas...

    Authors: Yuchen Zhu, Jiadong Ji, Weiqiang Lin, Mingzhuo Li, Lu Liu, Huanhuan Zhu, Fuzhong Xue, Xiujun Li, Xiang Zhou and Zhongshang Yuan
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:90
  20. Lesion-mimic and premature aging (lmpa) mutant lmpa1 was identified from the ethyl methane sulfonate (EMS) mutant library in the bread wheat variety Keda 527 (KD527) background. To reveal the genetic basis of lmp...

    Authors: Weiwei Kong, Liming Wang, Pei Cao, Xingfeng Li, Jingjing Ji, Puhui Dong, Xuefang Yan, Chunping Wang, Honggang Wang and Jiaqiang Sun
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:88
  21. Stenotaphrum secundatum is an important grass with a rich variety of accessions and great potential for development as an economically valuable crop. However, little is known about the genetic diversity of S. sec...

    Authors: Ying Luo, Xiujie Zhang, Jiahong Xu, Yao Zheng, Shouqin Pu, Zhizhen Duan, Zhihao Li, Guodao Liu, Jinhui Chen and Zhiyong Wang
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:86
  22. Biological pathways play an important role in the occurrence, development and recovery of complex diseases, such as cancers, which are multifactorial complex diseases that are generally caused by mutation of m...

    Authors: Hongkai Li, Zhi Geng, Xiaoru Sun, Yuanyuan Yu and Fuzhong Xue
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:85
  23. The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) is responsible for detecting and addressing foreign pathogens inside the body. While the general structure of MHC genes is relatively well conserved among mammalian s...

    Authors: Natascha M. D. Ivy-Israel, Carolyn E. Moore, Tonia S. Schwartz and Stephen S. Ditchkoff
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:83
  24. Although the molecular function of wolframin remains unclear, the lack of this protein is known to cause stress in the endoplasmic reticulum. Some variants in the Wolfram Syndrome 1 gene (WFS1) were associated wi...

    Authors: Dora Koller, Eniko Kubinyi, Zsuzsanna Elek, Helga Nemeth, Adam Miklosi, Maria Sasvari-Szekely and Zsolt Ronai
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:82
  25. Both genetic and environmental factors contribute to type 2 diabetes development. We used consomic mice established from an animal type 2 diabetes model to identify susceptibility genes that contribute to type...

    Authors: Misato Kobayashi, Hironori Ueda, Naru Babaya, Michiko Itoi-Babaya, Shinsuke Noso, Tomomi Fujisawa, Fumihiko Horio and Hiroshi Ikegami
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:81
  26. Bacterial fruit blotch (BFB), a disease caused by Acidovorax citrulli, results in significant economic losses in melon. The causal QTLs and genes for resistance to this disease have yet to be identified. Resistan...

    Authors: Md. Rafiqul Islam, Mohammad Rashed Hossain, Denison Michael Immanuel Jesse, Hee-Jeong Jung, Hoy-Taek Kim, Jong-In Park and Ill-Sup Nou
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:80
  27. The HTR1B gene encodes the 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT1B) receptor, which is involved in a variety of brain activities and mental disorders. The regulatory effects of non-coding regions on genomic DNA are one of ma...

    Authors: Xi Xia, Mei Ding, Jin-feng Xuan, Jia-xin Xing, Hao Pang, Jun Yao, Xue Wu and Bao-jie Wang
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:79
  28. Information on population structure and genetic diversity of germplasm in a breeding programme is useful because it enhances judicious utilisation of genetic resources to achieve breeding objectives. Seventy e...

    Authors: Ebenezer Obeng-Bio, Baffour Badu-Apraku, Beatrice Elohor Ifie, Agyemang Danquah, Essie Takyiwaa Blay, Mustapha Abu Dadzie, Gilbert Tchala Noudifoulè and Abidemi Olutayo Talabi
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:78
  29. Marek’s disease (MD) is a highly neoplastic disease primarily affecting chickens, and remains as a chronic infectious disease that threatens the poultry industry. Copy number variation (CNV) has been examined ...

    Authors: Hao Bai, Yanghua He, Yi Ding, Qin Chu, Ling Lian, Eliyahu M. Heifetz, Ning Yang, Hans H. Cheng, Huanmin Zhang, Jilan Chen and Jiuzhou Song
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:77
  30. Drought during reproductive stage is among the main abiotic stresses responsible for drastic reduction of grain yield in rainfed rice. The genetic mechanism of reproductive stage drought tolerance is very comp...

    Authors: Saumya Ranjan Barik, Elssa Pandit, Shakti Prakash Mohanty, Deepak Kumar Nayak and Sharat Kumar Pradhan
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:76
  31. Marker gene surveys have a wide variety of applications in species identification, population genetics, and molecular epidemiology. As these methods expand to new types of organisms and additional markers beyo...

    Authors: Matthew L. Workentine, Rebecca Chen, Shawna Zhu, Stefan Gavriliuc, Nicolette Shaw, Jill de Rijke, Elizabeth M. Redman, Russell W. Avramenko, Janneke Wit, Jocelyn Poissant and John S. Gilleard
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:74
  32. RNA-sequencing was performed to explore the bovine liver transcriptomes of Holstein cows to detect potential functional genes related to lactation and milk composition traits in dairy cattle. The bovine transc...

    Authors: Qian Li, Ruobing Liang, Yan Li, Yanxia Gao, Qiufeng Li, Dongxiao Sun and Jianguo Li
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:72
  33. In several fish species homozygous and heterozygous clonal lines have been produced using gynogenetic and androgenetic techniques. These lines are standardized and can be reproduced over generations. In rainbo...

    Authors: Tom Johnny Hansen, David Penman, Kevin Alan Glover, Thomas William Kenneth Fraser, Tone Vågseth, Anders Thorsen, Anne Grete Eide Sørvik and Per Gunnar Fjelldal
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:71
  34. Activated charcoal (AC) is highly adsorbent and is often used to promote seedling growth in plant tissue culture; however, the underlying molecular mechanism remains unclear. In this study, root and leaf tissu...

    Authors: Fu-shuang Dong, Meng-yu lv, Jin-ping Wang, Xue-ping Shi, Xin-xia Liang, Yong-wei Liu, Fan Yang, He Zhao, Jian-Fang Chai and Shuo Zhou
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:69
  35. Antimicrobial peptides play important roles in both plant and animal defense systems. Moreover, over-expression of CaAMP1 (Capsicum annuum antimicrobial protein 1), an antimicrobial protein gene isolated from C. ...

    Authors: Lu Niu, Xiaofang Zhong, Yuanyu Zhang, Jing Yang, Guojie Xing, Haiyun Li, Dongbo Liu, Rui Ma, Yingshan Dong and Xiangdong Yang
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:68
  36. Munchkin cats were founded on a naturally occurring mutation segregating into long-legged and short-legged types. Short-legged cats showed disproportionate dwarfism (chondrodysplasia) in which all four legs ar...

    Authors: Ann-Kathrin Struck, Marina Braun, Kim Aline Detering, Peter Dziallas, Jasmin Neßler, Michael Fehr, Julia Metzger and Ottmar Distl
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:67
  37. African indigenous taurine cattle display unique adaptive traits shaped by husbandry management, regional climate and exposure to endemic pathogens. They are less productive with respect to milk and meat prod...

    Authors: Archile Paguem, Babette Abanda, Mbunkah Daniel Achukwi, Praveen Baskaran, Stefan Czemmel, Alfons Renz and Albert Eisenbarth
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:64
  38. The disease gene of fragile X syndrome, FMR1 gene, encodes fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP). The alternative splicing (AS) of FMR1 can affect the structure and function of FMRP. However, the biological...

    Authors: Wen-jing Yang, Ai-zhen Yan, Yong-jun Xu, Xiao-yan Guo, Xian-guo Fu, Dan Li, Juan Liao, Duo Zhang and Feng-hua Lan
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:63
  39. The exploitation of novel alleles from wild rice that were lost during rice cultivation could be very important for rice breeding and evolutionary studies. Plant height (PH) was a target of artificial selectio...

    Authors: Lizhen Zhang, Jingfen Huang, Yanyan Wang, Rui Xu, Ziyi Yang, Zhigang Zhao, Shijia Liu, Yunlu Tian, Xiaoming Zheng, Fei Li, Junrui Wang, Yue Song, Jiaqi Li, Yongxia Cui, Li-Fang Zhang, Yunlian Cheng…
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:62
  40. Due to ethical reasons, surgical castration of young male piglets in their first week of life without anesthesia will be banned in Germany from 2021. Breeding against boar taint is already implemented in sire ...

    Authors: Ines Brinke, Christine Große-Brinkhaus, Katharina Roth, Maren J. Pröll-Cornelissen, Hubert Henne, Karl Schellander and Ernst Tholen
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:61
  41. Peanut is one of the primary sources for vegetable oil worldwide, and enhancing oil content is the main objective in several peanut breeding programs of the world. Tightly linked markers are required for faste...

    Authors: Nian Liu, Li Huang, Weigang Chen, Bei Wu, Manish K. Pandey, Huaiyong Luo, Xiaojing Zhou, Jianbin Guo, Haiwen Chen, Dongxin Huai, Yuning Chen, Yong Lei, Boshou Liao, Xiaoping Ren, Rajeev K. Varshney and Huifang Jiang
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:60
  42. Triploid organisms have three sets of chromosomes. In Atlantic salmon, hydrostatic pressure treatment of newly fertilized eggs has been extensively used to produce triploids which are functionally sterile due ...

    Authors: K. A. Glover, A. C. Harvey, T. J. Hansen, P. G. Fjelldal, F. N. Besnier, J. B. Bos, F. Ayllon, J. B. Taggart and M. F. Solberg
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:59
  43. Bacterial chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis (BCO) develops in the growth plate (GP) of the proximal femur and tibia and is initiated by damage to the less mineralized chondrocytes followed by colonization of ...

    Authors: Haniel Cedraz de Oliveira, Adriana Mércia Guaratini Ibelli, Simone Eliza Facioni Guimarães, Mauricio Egídio Cantão, Jane de Oliveira Peixoto, Luiz Lehmann Coutinho and Mônica Corrêa Ledur
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:58

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