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BMC Genomic Data publishes its first Data Note describing the genome sequence of a soil-dwelling, Gram-negative bacterium Pseudomonas fragi A13BB, which may have antibiotic ability.

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Publish a Data Note with BMC Genomic Data

Data notes are a short article type for describing data, encouraging sharing, re-use and giving researchers credit for their work

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Chromosomal characteristics of salt stress heritable gene expression in the rice genome

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Focus Issue: Data Sharing

Research data are the foundations of reliable and reproducible science. In our Focus Issue, we highlight different ways authors were able to publish and share their data by choosing the BMC series

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BMC Genetics re-launched as BMC Genomic Data

On 1st January 2021, BMC Genetics re-launched as BMC Genomic Data. For further information on what this title change means please see our FAQs page.

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Executive Editor Maria Hodges and Editor Clare Mc Fadden talk about this exciting new chapter for the journal.


Aims and scope

BMC Genomic Data, previously known as BMC Genetics, is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that welcomes submissions that describe genomic and genetic research data, report new analyses of genomic data and introduce community databases. We promote open science through the sharing of data.

The journal welcomes submissions in these broad areas:
- DNA or RNA sequencing of any species
- Genomic or transcriptomic datasets
- Epigenomics and Epigenetics
- Genotyping
- Proteomics and metabolomics
- Meta-analysis of genomic studies
- Databases or other technologies that advance data sharing
- Fair re-use of publicly-available data for novel analyses
- Reproduction of previous studies for the purposes of re-analysing or updating

As a supporter of the FAIR Data principles, release of data in one or more public, community-recognised repositories is a condition of publication, with reasonable exceptions.


  • Maria Hodges, BMC

Assistant Editor

  • Alexandria Latto, BMC

We are recruiting new Editorial Board members

BMC Genomic Data is now recruiting Editorial Board Members to join our team of academic editors in assessing manuscripts in the field of data-focused research.

Resources for authors

Standards of reporting

BMC Genomic Data advocates complete and transparent reporting of research. The BMC minimum standards of reporting checklist is intended as a tool for authors to transparently describe their research and ensure reproducibility. We encourage our authors to adhere to these standards when preparing their manuscript.

Research Data Support for authors

Research Data Support is an optional Springer Nature service available to researchers who have datasets they want to make easier to cite, share and find. Learn more about this service and the many benefits of making your data publicly available. 

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