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Data notes

At BMC Genomic Data, we recognise that valuable genomic datasets often go unpublished when they could be helping to progress science. This is why we launched Data notes: a short article type allowing researchers to describe their genomic or transcriptomic datasets, sharing them with their research community and receiving credit for all their work - not just a finished article.

We present here all the Data notes published in the journal, a free and open resource for the genomics community. Why not join them and free your data too?

  1. American shad (Alosa sapidissima) is an important migratory fish under Alosinae and has long been valued for its economic, nutritional and cultural attributes. Overfishing and barriers across the passage made it ...

    Authors: Kishor Kumar Sarker, Liang Lu, Junman Huang, Tao Zhou, Li Wang, Yun Hu, Lei Jiang, Habibon Naher, Mohammad Abdul Baki, Anirban Sarker and Chenhong Li
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2022 23:22
  2. Cupressaceae is the second largest family of coniferous trees (Coniferopsida) with important economic and ecological values. However, like other conifers, the members of Cupressaceae have extremely large genom...

    Authors: Yufei Wang, Siyu Xie, Jialiang Li, Jieshi Tang, Tsam Ju and Kangshan Mao
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:55
  3. M. morganii is a gram-negative, non-lactose fermenting and an opportunistic pathogen frequently associated with nosocomial infections. Although first isolated in 1906 from a pediatric fecal sample, not many M. mo...

    Authors: Pachi Pulusu Chanakya, Balaram Khamari, Manmath Lama, Arun Sai Kumar Peketi, Prakash Kumar, Valakunja Nagaraja and Eswarappa Pradeep Bulagonda
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:27
  4. The role of rhizosphere microbiome in supporting plant growth under biotic stress is well documented. Rhizobacteria ward off phytopathogens through various mechanisms including antibiosis. We sought to recover...

    Authors: Opeyemi K. Awolope, Noelle H. O’Driscoll, Alberto Di Salvo and Andrew J. Lamb
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:15

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