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Volume 21 Supplement 1

Selected Topics in “Systems Biology and Bioinformatics” - 2019: genetics


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Novosibirsk, Russia24-28 June 2019

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Edited by Yuriy Orlov, Ancha Baranova and Tatiana Tatarinova.

  1. In the process of adaptation of humans to their environment, positive or adaptive selection has played a main role. Positive selection has, however, been under-studied in African populations, despite their div...

    Authors: Sandra Walsh, Luca Pagani, Yali Xue, Hafid Laayouni, Chris Tyler-Smith and Jaume Bertranpetit
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21(Suppl 1):108
  2. The majority of the Kazakhs from South Kazakhstan belongs to the 12 clans of the Senior Zhuz. According to traditional genealogy, nine of these clans have a common ancestor and constitute the Uissun tribe. The...

    Authors: Maxat Zhabagin, Zhaxylyk Sabitov, Pavel Tarlykov, Inkar Tazhigulova, Zukhra Junissova, Dauren Yerezhepov, Rakhmetolla Akilzhanov, Elena Zholdybayeva, Lan-Hai Wei, Ainur Akilzhanova, Oleg Balanovsky and Elena Balanovska
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21(Suppl 1):87
  3. Genome-wide association studies have identified the CDC7-TGFBR3 intergenic region on chromosome 1 to be strongly associated with optic disc area size. The mechanism of its function remained unclear until new data...

    Authors: Vladimir Babenko, Roman Babenko and Yuri Orlov
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2020 21(Suppl 1):73

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:5

  4. The population structure of the Indian subcontinent is a tapestry of extraordinary diversity characterized by the amalgamation of autochthonous and immigrant ancestries and rigid enforcement of sociocultural s...

    Authors: Ranajit Das, Vladimir A. Ivanisenko, Anastasia A. Anashkina and Priyanka Upadhyai
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21(Suppl 1):117
  5. N-acetyltransferase 2 plays a crucial role in the metabolism of a wide range of xenobiotics, including many drugs, carcinogens, and other chemicals in the human environment. The article presents for the first ...

    Authors: Roza Pavlovna Tiis, Ludmila Pavlovna Osipova, Daria Veniaminovna Lichman, Elena Nikolaevna Voronina and Maxim Leonidovich Filipenko
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21(Suppl 1):115
  6. In population ecology, the concept of reproductive potential denotes the most vital indicator of chances to produce and sustain a healthy descendant until his/her reproductive maturity under the best condition...

    Authors: Mikhail Ponomarenko, Maxim Kleshchev, Petr Ponomarenko, Irina Chadaeva, Ekaterina Sharypova, Dmitry Rasskazov, Semyon Kolmykov, Irina Drachkova, Gennady Vasiliev, Natalia Gutorova, Elena Ignatieva, Ludmila Savinkova, Anton Bogomolov, Ludmila Osadchuk, Alexandr Osadchuk and Dmitry Oshchepkov
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21(Suppl 1):89
  7. The Drosophila central nervous system (CNS) is a convenient model system for the study of the molecular mechanisms of conserved neurobiological processes. The manipulation of gene activity in specific cell types ...

    Authors: Anna A. Ogienko, Evgeniya N. Andreyeva, Evgeniya S. Omelina, Anastasiya L. Oshchepkova and Alexey V. Pindyurin
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21(Suppl 1):96
  8. Beta-amyloid peptide (Aβ) is the key protein in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease, the most common age-related neurodegenerative disorder in humans. Aβ peptide induced pathological phenotypes in differen...

    Authors: Mikhail V. Shaposhnikov, Nadezhda V. Zemskaya, Lyubov А. Koval, Natalya R. Minnikhanova, Olga I. Kechko, Vladimir A. Mitkevich, Alexander A. Makarov and Alexey А. Moskalev
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21(Suppl 1):65
  9. This study describes the biodiversity and properties of Bovine leukemia virus in Western Siberia. This paper explores the effect of different genotypes of the env gene of the cattle leukemia virus on hematologica...

    Authors: Natalia Blazhko, Sultan Vyshegurov, Alexander Donchenko, Kirill Shatokhin, Valeria Ryabinina, Kirill Plotnikov, Alevtina Khodakova and Sergey Pashkovskiy
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21(Suppl 1):70

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