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  1. Endometrial carcinoma (EC) is one of the most common gynecological malignant tumors. In this study, we constructed gene co-expression networks to identify key modules and hub genes involved in the pathogenesis...

    Authors: Chong Feng, Lei Cui, Zhen Jin, Lei Sun, Xiaoyan Wang, Xinshu Chi, Qian Sun and Siyu Lian
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2022 23:10
  2. CesA and Csl gene families, which belong to the cellulose synthase gene superfamily, plays an important role in the biosynthesis of the plant cell wall. Although researchers have investigated this gene superfami...

    Authors: Xiaoqing Liu, Hongmei Zhang, Wei Zhang, Wenjing Xu, Songsong Li, Xin Chen and Huatao Chen
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2022 23:9
  3. Several recent studies have confirmed epigenetic regulation of the immune response. However, the potential role of RNA N6-methyladenosine (m6A) modifications in cervical cancer and tumour microenvironment (TME) c...

    Authors: He Zhang, Weimin Kong, Xiaoling Zhao, Chao Han, Tingting Liu, Jing Li and Dan Song
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2022 23:8
  4. Belonging to the protein arginine methyltransferase (PRMT) family, the enzyme encoded by coactivator associated arginine methyltransferase 1 (CARM1) catalyzes the methylation of protein arginine residues, espe...

    Authors: Yingqi Qiu, Hao Wang, Peiyun Liao, Binyan Xu, Rong Hu, Yulu Yang and Yuhua Li
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2022 23:7
  5. Elucidating the dynamic topological changes across different stages of breast cancer, called stage re-wiring, could lead to identifying key latent regulatory signatures involved in cancer progression. Such dyn...

    Authors: Samane Khoshbakht, Majid Mokhtari, Sayyed Sajjad Moravveji, Sadegh Azimzadeh Jamalkandi and Ali Masoudi-Nejad
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2022 23:6
  6. Pancreatic cancer (PC) is a highly lethal disease and an increasing cause of cancer-associated mortality worldwide. Interferon regulatory factors (IRFs) play vital roles in immune response and tumor cellular b...

    Authors: Ke Zhang, Pan-Ling Xu, Yu-Jie Li, Shu Dong, Hui-Feng Gao, Lian-Yu Chen, Hao Chen and Zhen Chen
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2022 23:5
  7. The present study aimed at characterizing the Djallonké Sheep (DS), the only local sheep breed raised in Guinea-Bissau. A total of 200 animals were sampled from four regions (Bafatá, Gabú, Oio and Cacheu) and ...

    Authors: Guiguigbaza-Kossigan Dayo, Isidore Houaga, Martin Bienvenu Somda, Awa Linguelegue, Mamadou Ira, Maurice Konkobo, Bacar Djassi, Joao Gomes, Mamadou Sangare, Bernardo Cassama and Chia Valentine Yapi-Gnaore
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2022 23:3
  8. Metabolism including anabolism and catabolism is a prerequisite phenomenon for all living organisms. Anabolism refers to the synthesis of the entire compound needed by a species. Catabolism refers to the break...

    Authors: Prasansah Shrestha, Min-Su Kim, Ermal Elbasani, Jeong-Dong Kim and Tae-Jin Oh
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2022 23:4
  9. Testosterone signaling mediates various diseases, such as androgenetic alopecia and prostate cancer. Testosterone signaling is mediated by the androgen receptor (AR). In this study, we fortuitously found that ...

    Authors: Kai Furuya, So Fujibayashi, Tao Wu, Kouhei Takahashi, Shin Takase, Ai Orimoto, Eriko Sugano, Hiroshi Tomita, Sayo Kashiwagi, Tohru Kiyono, Tsuyoshi Ishii and Tomokazu Fukuda
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2022 23:2
  10. The identification of markers and genes for growth traits may not only benefit for marker assist selection /genomic selection but also provide important information for understanding the genetic foundation of ...

    Authors: Dachang Dou, Linyong Shen, Jiamei Zhou, Zhiping Cao, Peng Luan, Yumao Li, Fan Xiao, Huaishun Guo, Hui Li and Hui Zhang
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2022 23:1
  11. Bone marrow (BM) and umbilical cord (UC) are the main sources of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). These two MSCs display significant differences in many biological characteristics, yet the underlying regulation ...

    Authors: Zheng Feng, Yalan Yang, Zhiguo Liu, Weimin Zhao, Lei Huang, Tianwen Wu and Yulian Mu
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:56
  12. Since genes involved in the same biological modules usually present correlated expression profiles, lots of computational methods have been proposed to identify gene functional modules based on the expression ...

    Authors: Fangfang Zhu, Jiang Li, Juan Liu and Wenwen Min
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22(Suppl 1):54

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 22 Supplement 1

  13. Cupressaceae is the second largest family of coniferous trees (Coniferopsida) with important economic and ecological values. However, like other conifers, the members of Cupressaceae have extremely large genom...

    Authors: Yufei Wang, Siyu Xie, Jialiang Li, Jieshi Tang, Tsam Ju and Kangshan Mao
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:55
  14. Wild boar (Sus scrofa) is a widely distributed ungulate whose success can be attributed to a variety of ecological features. The genetic variation and population structure of Lithuania’s wild boar population have...

    Authors: Loreta Griciuvienė, Žygimantas Janeliūnas, Vaclovas Jurgelevičius and Algimantas Paulauskas
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:53
  15. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) codes for products necessary for electron transport and mitochondrial gene translation. mtDNA mutations can lead to human disease and influence organismal fitness. The PolG mutator mo...

    Authors: Kendra D. Maclaine, Kevin A. Stebbings, Daniel A. Llano and Justin C. Havird
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:52
  16. The variation of drug responses and target does among individuals is mostly determined by genes. With the development of pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics, the differences in drug response between differen...

    Authors: Dandan Li, Linna Peng, Shishi Xing, Chunjuan He and Tianbo Jin
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:51
  17. There is an urgent need to understand the key events driving pathogenesis of severe COVID-19 disease, so that precise treatment can be instituted. In this respect NETosis is gaining increased attention in the ...

    Authors: Samanwoy Mukhopadhyay, Subrata Sinha and Saroj Kant Mohapatra
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:49
  18. This study aims to characterize SARS-CoV-2 mutations which are primarily prevalent in the Cypriot population. Moreover, using computational approaches, we assess whether these mutations are associated with cha...

    Authors: Anastasis Oulas, Jan Richter, Maria Zanti, Marios Tomazou, Kyriaki Michailidou, Kyproula Christodoulou, Christina Christodoulou and George M. Spyrou
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:48
  19. Our preliminary work confirmed that, SLC22A7 (solute carrier family 22 member 7), NGFR (nerve growth factor receptor), ARNTL (aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator like) and PPP2R2B (protein phosphatase ...

    Authors: Ruike Jia, Yihan Fu, Lingna Xu, Houcheng Li, Yanhua Li, Lin Liu, Zhu Ma, Dongxiao Sun and Bo Han
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:47
  20. With high-efficient water-use and drought tolerance, broomcorn millet has emerged as a candidate for food security. To promote its research process for molecular breeding and functional research, a comprehensi...

    Authors: Wei Xu, Mengjie Liang, Xue Yang, Hao Wang and Meizhong Luo
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:46
  21. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterized by intrusive thoughts and repetitive actions, that presents the involvement of the cortico-striatal areas. The contribution of environmental risk factors to...

    Authors: Kátia Cristina de Oliveira, Caroline Camilo, Vinícius Daguano Gastaldi, Arthur Sant’Anna Feltrin, Bianca Cristina Garcia Lisboa, Vanessa de Jesus Rodrigues de Paula, Ariane Cristine Moretto, Beny Lafer, Marcelo Queiroz Hoexter, Euripedes Constantino Miguel, Mariana Maschietto and Helena Brentani
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:45
  22. The giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) is an endangered mammalian species native to China. Fewer than 2500 giant pandas are known to exist, many of which are bred in captivity as a means to preserve and repopul...

    Authors: Yuyan You, Chao Bai, Xuefeng Liu, Yan Lu, Ting Jia, Maohua Xia, Yanqiang Yin, Wei Wang, Yucun Chen, Chenglin Zhang, Yan Liu, Liqin Wang, Tianchun Pu, Tao Ma, Yanhui Liu, Jun Zhou…
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:44
  23. Sporadic cases of infection with non-toxigenic Corynebacterium diphtheriae (C. diphtheriae) isolates have been reported in regions covered by the Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis vaccine, but no information describin...

    Authors: Guogang Li, Sipei Wang, Sheng Zhao, Yangxiao Zhou and Xinling Pan
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:42
  24. Different factors have been introduced which influence the pathogenesis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). COPD as an independent factor is involved in the ...

    Authors: Amirhossein Fathinavid, Mohadeseh Zarei Ghobadi, Ali Najafi and Ali Masoudi-Nejad
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:41
  25. Hsa-miR-548ba expressed in ovarian granulosa cells targets PTEN and LIFR, which are essential for ovarian follicle activation and growth. The expression pattern of hsa-miR-548ba correlates with its host gene f...

    Authors: Ilmatar Rooda, Birgitta Kaselt, Maria Liivrand, Olli-Pekka Smolander, Andres Salumets and Agne Velthut-Meikas
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:40
  26. Heilongjiang Province is a high-quality japonica rice cultivation area in China. One in ten bowls of Chinese rice is produced here. Increasing yield is one of the main aims of rice production in this area. How...

    Authors: Guomin Zhang, Rongsheng Wang, Juntao Ma, Hongru Gao, Lingwei Deng, Nanbo Wang, Yongli Wang, Jun Zhang, Kun Li, Wei Zhang, Fengchen Mu, Hui Liu and Ying Wang
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:39
  27. The V. parahaemolyticus pandemic clone, results in the development of gastrointestinal illness in humans. Toxigenic strains of this species are frequently isolated from aquatic habitats and organisms such as moll...

    Authors: Abraham Guerrero, Bruno Gomez-Gil and Marcial Leonardo Lizarraga-Partida
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:38
  28. Transcription factors (TFs) control gene expression by direct binding to regulatory regions of target genes but also by impacting chromatin landscapes and modulating DNA accessibility for other TFs. In recent ...

    Authors: Ritu Mann-Nüttel, Shafaqat Ali, Patrick Petzsch, Karl Köhrer, Judith Alferink and Stefanie Scheu
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:37
  29. China is the birthplace of the deer family and the country with the most abundant deer resources. However, at present, China’s deer industry faces the problem that pure sika deer and hybrid deer cannot be easi...

    Authors: Huanhuan Fan, Tianjiao Wang, Yang Li, Huitao Liu, Yimeng Dong, Ranran Zhang, Hongliang Wang, Liyuan Shang and Xiumei Xing
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:35
  30. High salinity is a devastating abiotic stresses for crops. To understand the molecular basis of salinity stress in yardlong bean (Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis), and to develop robust markers for improving...

    Authors: Hongmei Zhang, Wenjing Xu, Huatao Chen, Jingbin Chen, Xiaoqing Liu, Xin Chen and Shouping Yang
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:34
  31. The lymphatic and the blood vasculature are closely related systems that collaborate to ensure the organism’s physiological function. Despite their common developmental origin, they present distinct functional...

    Authors: Luca Ducoli, Saumya Agrawal, Chung-Chau Hon, Jordan A. Ramilowski, Eliane Sibler, Michihira Tagami, Masayoshi Itoh, Naoto Kondo, Imad Abugessaisa, Akira Hasegawa, Takeya Kasukawa, Harukazu Suzuki, Piero Carninci, Jay W. Shin, Michiel J. L. de Hoon and Michael Detmar
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:33
  32. Skeletal muscle growth and development are closely associated with the quantity and quality of pork production. We performed a transcriptomic analysis of 12 Longissimus dorsi muscle samples from Tibetan piglets a...

    Authors: Yanping Wang, Jiying Wang, Hongmei Hu, Huaizhong Wang, Cheng Wang, Haichao Lin and Xueyan Zhao
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:32
  33. Tinnitus is an auditory phantom sensation in the absence of an acoustic stimulus, which affects nearly 15% of the population. Excessive noise exposure is one of the main causes of tinnitus. To now, the knowled...

    Authors: Chengyong Xie, Yuguang Niu, Jie Ping, Yahui Wang, Chenning Yang, Yuanfeng Li and Gangqiao Zhou
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:31
  34. Preterm birth (< 37 weeks’ gestation) is a common outcome of pregnancy that has been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease for women later in life. Little is known about the physiologic mech...

    Authors: Veronica Barcelona, Janitza L. Montalvo-Ortiz, Michelle L. Wright, Sheila T. Nagamatsu, Caitlin Dreisbach, Cindy A. Crusto, Yan V. Sun and Jacquelyn Y. Taylor
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:30
  35. 6S RNA is a regulator of cellular transcription that tunes the metabolism of cells. This small non-coding RNA is found in nearly all bacteria and among the most abundant transcripts. Lactic acid bacteria (LAB)...

    Authors: Pablo Gabriel Cataldo, Paul Klemm, Marietta Thüring, Lucila Saavedra, Elvira Maria Hebert, Roland K. Hartmann and Marcus Lechner
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:29
  36. Maize kernel filling, which is closely related to the process of double fertilization and is sensitive to a variety of environmental conditions, is an important component of maize yield determination. Silk is ...

    Authors: Ting Li, Yapeng Wang, Yaqin Shi, Xiaonan Gou, Bingpeng Yang, Jianzhou Qu, Xinghua Zhang, Jiquan Xue and Shutu Xu
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:28
  37. M. morganii is a gram-negative, non-lactose fermenting and an opportunistic pathogen frequently associated with nosocomial infections. Although first isolated in 1906 from a pediatric fecal sample, not many M. mo...

    Authors: Pachi Pulusu Chanakya, Balaram Khamari, Manmath Lama, Arun Sai Kumar Peketi, Prakash Kumar, Valakunja Nagaraja and Eswarappa Pradeep Bulagonda
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:27
  38. Use of genomic information has resulted in an undeniable improvement in prediction accuracies and an increase in genetic gain in animal and plant genetic selection programs in spite of oversimplified assumptio...

    Authors: Ashley S. Ling, El Hamidi Hay, Samuel E. Aggrey and Romdhane Rekaya
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:26
  39. Porcine milk is a complex fluid, containing a myriad of immunological, biochemical, and cellular components, made to satisfy the nutritional requirements of the neonate. Whole milk contains many different cell...

    Authors: Brittney N. Keel, Amanda K. Lindholm-Perry, William T. Oliver, James E. Wells, Shuna A. Jones and Lea A. Rempel
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:25
  40. X chromosome inactivation (XCI) is that one of two chromosomes in mammalian females is silenced during early development of embryos. There has been a statistical measure for the degree of the skewness of XCI f...

    Authors: Bao-Hui Li, Wen-Yi Yu and Ji-Yuan Zhou
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:24
  41. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short (20–24 nt) non-coding RNAs that are involved in post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in multicellular organisms by affecting both the stability and translation of mRN...

    Authors: Emiel P. C. van der Vorst, Mario A. A. Pepe, Linsey J. F. Peters, Markus Haberbosch, Yvonne Jansen, Ronald Naumann, Georgios T. Stathopoulos, Christian Weber and Kiril Bidzhekov
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:23

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:36

  42. Fitness consequences of intraspecific genetic admixture can vary from positive to negative depending on the genetic composition of the populations and environmental conditions. Because admixture has potential ...

    Authors: Yeşerin Yıldırım, Anders Forsman and Johanna Sunde
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:22
  43. The Chinese Chenghua pig (CHP) is a typical Chinese domestic fatty pig breed with superior meat quality characteristics, while the Yorkshire pig (YP) has the characteristics of fast growth and a high rate of l...

    Authors: Kai Wang, Pingxian Wu, Shujie Wang, Xiang Ji, Dong Chen, Anan Jiang, Weihang Xiao, Yiren Gu, Yanzhi Jiang, Yangshuang Zeng, Xu Xu, Xuewei Li and Guoqing Tang
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:21
  44. Most congenital heart defects (CHDs) result from complex interactions among genetic susceptibilities, epigenetic modifications, and maternal environmental exposures. Characterizing the complex relationship bet...

    Authors: Ming Li, Chen Lyu, Manyan Huang, Catherine Do, Benjamin Tycko, Philip J. Lupo, Stewart L. MacLeod, Christopher E. Randolph, Nianjun Liu, John S. Witte and Charlotte A. Hobbs
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:20
  45. Alpinia oxyphylla Miq. is an important edible and medicinal herb, and its dried fruits are widely used in traditional herbal medicine. Flavonoids are one of the main chemical compounds in A. oxyphylla; however, t...

    Authors: Lin Yuan, Kun Pan, Yonghui Li, Bo Yi and Bingmiao Gao
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:19
  46. The discovery of selection signatures has enabled the identification of genomics regions under selective pressure, enhancing knowledge of evolutionary genotype-phenotypes. Sex chromosomes play an important rol...

    Authors: Tao Wang, Meng Zhou, Jing Guo, Yuan-Yuan Guo, Kun Ding, Peng Wang and Zhi-Peng Wang
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2021 22:18

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