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Table 5 The summary of 8 key DMGs identified by the pairwise comparison

From: Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis in Chinese Chenghua and Yorkshire pigs

DMGs SSC Starta Enda DMR Function
ADCY1 18 50,046,575 50,143,771 SSC18:50056501–50,057,000 Related to pigmentation
AGBL4 6 161,952,983 163,216,257 SSC6:163155001–163,155,500 Associated with skeletal formation
EXOC2 7 195,081 341,454 SSC7:251501–252,000 Related to the tanning ability
FUBP3 1 270,652,398 270,705,033 SSC1:270700001–270,700,500 Associated with loin eye area
PAPPA2 9 118,364,592 118,635,969 SSC9:118601501–118,602,000 Plays an important role in regulation of IGF-I bioavailability
PIK3R1 16 46,434,873 46,523,609 SSC16:46495001–46,495,500 Be essential for myogenic differentiation
MGMT 14 138,499,161 138,779,938 SSC14:138646501–138,647,000 Involved in a wide spectrum of human cancers
MYH8 12 55,134,844 55,167,749 SSC12:55148501–55,149,000 Belonged to the myosin heavy chain gene family
  1. aBased on the Ensemble database ( DMRs differentially methylated regions, DMGs differentially methylated genes, SSC Sus scrofa chromosome