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Table 4 One gene identified by MR-mQTL analysis and achieved the nominal significance level in MR-eQTL analysis

From: Mapping methylation quantitative trait loci in cardiac tissues nominates risk loci and biological pathways in congenital heart disease

  Exposure a CHR POSITION Nearby Gene Instrumental SNP b POSITION p.MR1c
MR-mQTL cg02349334 13 76,363,851 LMO7 rs530855 76,337,780 3.92e-07
rs9318373 76,363,721  
rs660942 76,373,924  
kgp9606293 76,391,057  
rs9600564 76,435,635  
MR-eQTL LMO7 13 76,194,570–76,434,006 LMO7 rs9318373 76,363,721 8.27e-03
  1. a MR-mQTL evaluated the causal effect of CpG site on CHD risk, while MR-eQTL evaluated the causal effect of gene expression on CHD risk
  2. b 5 mQTL SNPs and 1 eQTL SNP was avaiable for MR-mQTL and MR-eQTL, respectively
  3. c MR analysis in CHD GWAS Phase 1