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Table 2 List of candidate genes after extracting non-synonymous colour genes and their association with coat colour in red deer populations from Reinhardswald and others. All figures originally referring to the bovine genome were recalculated so as to fit to the recently published genome sequence CerEla1.0 of Cervus elaphus

From: A genome-wide scan study identifies a single nucleotide substitution in the tyrosinase gene associated with white coat colour in a red deer (Cervus elaphus) population

Cervus elaphusnot ReinhardswaldReinhardswaldBos taurus
CECchr_posgeneprot_lenposaa variantSNPbrownwhitebrownwhiteBTAchr-pos
347,510,875ADAMTS2019151134p.1134 V > I0 = G,1 = AGG,AGGG,AAAA,AGAA,AG537,227,378
347,511,824ADAMTS2019151204p.1204I > T0 = C,1 = TCT, TTCC, TTCC,CTCC,CT,TT537,228,964
12126,879,585APC28512720p.2720 T > I0 = G,1 = AGG,AGAA,AGAA,AG,GGAA,AG,GG101,118,743
3026,850,856ATP7B1505604p.604D > Y0 = C,1 = AAA,ACAAAA, ACAA1221,442,340
5124,958,667DPH1438273p.273Q > R0 = A,1 = GAGGG,AGGG,AGAA,GG,AG1923,643,044
130,427,888DRD2445323p.323A > T0 = C,1 = TTC, TTTC, TT, CCCT,TTCC,CT,TT1524,305,495
74,579,141DST5653918p.918A > V0 = C,1 = TTT,TCCC,TTCC,CTCC,CT,TT233,499,604
74,697,844DST56533005p.3005 N > S0 = A,1 = GGG,AGAA,GGAA,AGAA,AG233,584,163
58,504,491HPS468164p.64 V > I0 = G,1 = AGG,AGAA, GGAG,GGGG1768,389,531
58,509,383HPS4681143p.143I > V0 = T,1 = CCC, CT, TTCC, CT, TTCT,TTCT,TT1768,383,336
58,515,161HPS4681298p.298S > L0 = G,1 = AAG, GGAA, GGAG,GGAG,GG1768,377,269
5gapHPS4681571p.571A > V0 = C,1 = TCC, TCCC, TTCT,CCCT,CC1768,372,291
2326,036,482ITGB1798670p.670I > V0 = A,1 = GAG, GGAG,GGAG,GGGG1320,282,477
335,496,676KRT7554335p.35A > T0 = G,1 = AGG, AGAA,GGAG,GGAA,AG,GG527,630,776
170,321,949MYO7A22931779p.1779R > Q0 = G,1 = AGG,AGAA,GGAG,GGAA,AG,GG1557,402,107
114,864,962NOTCH1290040p.40 V > A0 = A,1 = GSNP not confirmed by Sanger sequencing11104,015,685
114,865,366NOTCH1290059p.59P > R0 = G,1 = CCC,GCCCCC,CT,GGCC,CT,GG11104,015,279
21458,420RECQL41218600p.600G > R0 = G,1 = AAA, AGGG,AAGGGG141,617,571
1253,771,046SLC24A5501177p.177A > V0 = G,1 = AGG, AGAA, AGAGAA1062,475,788
155,722,734TUB508163p.508A > V0 = G,1 = AGG,AGAA,AGAA,AG,GGAA,AG1545,040,996
2naTYR530291p.291G > R0 = C,1 = TCC, CTTT,CCCT, CCTT296,451,778
  1. CEC Cervus elaphus chromosome, chr_pos position on the Cervus elaphus chromosome (in bp), gene name of the gene, prot_len length of the corresponding protein, pos position of the amino acid substitution in the protein, aa variant amino acid variant, brown/white genotype(s) of the brown and white animals, respectively; gap: gap in CerEla1.0, na not annotated. In a first step, all genes were tested with 3 brown and 3 white animals from the Reinhardswald and 3 brown and 3 white animals not from the Reinhardswald. TYR was tested with 194 brown and 11 white samples from the Reinhardswald and 21 brown and 9 white animals not from the Reinhardswald