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Table 1 Traits, related genes, their chromosomal location and linked molecular markers [with their product size in donor(D) and recipient (R) genotypes] used for marker-assisted selection

From: Molecular marker assisted gene stacking for disease resistance and quality genes in the dwarf mutant of an elite common wheat cultivar Xiaoyan22

TraitchromosomeLinked markerGenetic distance between marker and geneProduct size (bp)Reference
yellow rust1BSXgwm181.9 cM182(D), 188(R)Ma J et al. (2001)
5 + 10 subunit1DDx-F, Dx5-F, Dx-R0 cM320 bp, 343 bp, 361 bpIshikawa et al. (2007)
powdery mildew2ALXwmc1704.1 cM257(D), 248(R)Zhang et al. (2015)
powdery mildew2BLXwmc3326.7 cM228(D), 236(R)Zhang et al. (2015)