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Table 3 Relatedness (r, mean ± SD), amount of related dyads (r ≥ 0.25) and interindividual distance (mean ± SD) for all related male and female pairwise comparisons. Within riversides results of within and among sampling location comparisons are given. The mean (mAIc ± SD) and variance (vAIc) of corrected assignment indices are given for the overall male and female subset. Parameters differing significantly between sexes are given in bold (details of statistical tests are in Additional file 1, Table S3)

From: Dispersal and genetic structure in a tropical small mammal, the Bornean tree shrew (Tupaia longipes), in a fragmented landscape along the Kinabatangan River, Sabah, Malaysia

No. of dyadsrrelated dyads [%]distance [km]mAIcvAIcNo. of dyadsrrelated dyads [%]distance [km]mAIcvAIc
All1953−0.0032** ±0.18855.387.59** ±7.920.0310 ±1.69672.8790**1326−0.0205** ±0.19426.864.24** ±5.94−0.0419 ±2.47746.1375**
within riversides, within sampling locations940.1187 ±0.210123.400.06 ±0.05  810.1302 ±0.225027.160.06 ±0.05  
within riversides, among sampling locations8730.0407** ±0.18117.678.82* ±7.65  5850.0130** ±0.19779.234.95* ±5.93  
  1. * p ≤ 0.05, **p ≤ 0.01