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Table 1 List of populations used in this study and their geographic position of P. sinensis

From: Genetic diversity and structure of Chinese grass shrimp, Palaemonetes sinensis, inferred from transcriptome-derived microsatellite markers

Population No. Location Geographic position
LD 48 Liaoning Dalian Sha River 39°37′19.7″N 122°04′03.0″E
LP 43 Liaoning Panjin Shuangtaizi River 41°10′49.6″N 122°04′01.4″E
LA 48 Liaoning Anshan Yangliu River 41°04′57.8″N 122°50′51.7″E
LSL 48 Liaoning Shenyang Longwei Lake 41°50′33.7″N 123°35′22.3″E
LSY 48 Liaoning Shenyang Yangshi reservoir 41°58′40.8″N 123°41′27.5″E
LSH 48 Liaoning Shenyang Huangjia Liao River 42°08′46.6″N 123°28′21.0″E
SJ 36 Shandong Jining Dushan Lake 35°01′59.5″N 116°42′09.2″E
  1. No.: sample number of each population