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Table 1 Subcongenic strains

From: Subcongenic analysis of a quantitative trait locus affecting body weight and glucose metabolism in zinc transporter 7 (znt7)-knockout mice

Strains Genetic background Donor strain Chromosome Size of the donor segment (Mb) Physical location of the donor segment (Mb)
C57BL/6 C57BL/6J n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.
B6.129P1-L C57BL/6J 129P1/ReJ 7 34.7 47.4–82.1
B6.129P1-SD C57BL/6J 129P1/ReJ 7 17.7 64.4–82.1
  1. All strains carried the znt7-null alleles on Chr. 3 from a 129P2 strain; Chr. chromosome, L long donor genetic segment, SD short donor genetic segment distal, Mb megabase, n.a. not applicable