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Table 3 The potential regulatory microRNAs

From: Molecular mechanism of estrogen-mediated neuroprotection in the relief of brain ischemic injury

Targeted-sequence Potential micro-RNA P-value Targeted genes
rno_ATGCTGG MIR-338 0.0118 Adam17, Kcnma1, Ets1, Ccnd1, Syt8, Atp2b1
rno_TTTGTAG MIR-520D 0.0143 Sfrs5, Ets1, Ccnd1, Kif11, Eif2c1, Atp2b1, Kcnma1, NIPBL, Cited2, Crhbp, Scd
rno_TCTATGA MIR-376A, MIR-376B 0.0062 Dlx5, NIPBL, Capn3, Nupl1, Grin3a, Adnp
rno_CTCCAAG MIR-432 0.0142 Capn3, Furin, Pde4a, Tln1, Eif2c1