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Table 6 Comparison of best accuracies between BayesB, BayesC, and the proposed method under different sampling distribution for the QTL effects and density of the marker panel

From: High density marker panels, SNPs prioritizing and accuracy of genomic selection

  200 K marker panel 400 K marker panel
  Gamma1 Predefined2 Gamma Predefined
BayesB −0.94 0.36 −3.60 −0.74
BayesC −1.29 −1.08 −4.19 −2.71
BayesB −0.80 2.04 −3.56 −0.82
BayesC −1.39 0.61 −4.15 −2.68
  1. 1QTL effects sampled from a Gamma distribution, 2QTL effects pre-defined to explain at least 0.5% of genetic variance, 3percentage difference in genomic accuracy compared to the proposed method, 4percentage difference in phenotype prediction genomic accuracy compared to the proposed method