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Table 2 Results of testing IntroMap across various NGS read coverage for the 20160409AC-1234 simulated genome (frac=0.05,t=0.90)

From: IntroMap: a signal analysis based method for the detection of genomic introgressions

NGS read-setCoverage depth (x)Coverage breadth (%)TPRFPRMean loci accuracyRun timePeak memory (GB)Aligned read pairs
L00114.9594.690.700.000.2535m10s5525.65 M
L00211.9794.660.600.000.2134m21s5020.53 M
L0038.9894.590.600.000.2122m07s3215.40 M
L0045.9994.290.500.000.2115m56s3010.27 M
L0052.9990.030.300.000.139m43s305.14 M