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Table 2 Information on the Q-Tag SNP identified in this study

From: Characterizing a region on BTA11 affecting β-lactoglobulin content of milk using high-density genotyping and haplotype grouping

Name givena dbSNP IDb MAFc Position (based on Btau 4.2)
Q-Tag SNP5 rs17871095 0.15 103226704
Q-Tag SNP3 rs136463816 0.44 104803861
Q-Tag SNP1 rs110066229 0.38 107168524
Q-Tag SNP2 rs110144148 0.27 107312422
Q-Tag SNP4 rs136800235 0.18 107749128
  1. asubscript indicates the order of the Q-Tag SNP in the stepwise procedure
  2. bID given on the dbSNP of NCBI (
  3. cMinor Allele Frequency