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Table 1 Collecting information of five included E. (M.) onukii populations

From: Microsatellite markers from tea green leafhopper Empoasca (Matsumurasca) onukii: a powerful tool for studying genetic structure in tea plantations

Province (City) Longitude(E)/Latitude(N) Collecting date (M/Y) Population ID No. of male individuals
Province (tea area)
Henan (Xinyang) 31°45.90′/114°40.03′ 7/2013 Henan (Jiangbei) 230
Shandong (Rizhao) 35°17.02′/119°16.00′ 7/2013 Shandong (Jiangbei) 124
Shaanxi (Hanzhong) 32°57.00′/107°40.11′ 7/2013 Shaanxi (Jiangbei) 189
Sichuan (Leshan) 29°46.50′/103°40.50′ 9/2013 Sichuan (Southwest) 69
Yunnan (Chuxiong) 24°32.62′/101°49.78′ 7/2014 Yunnan (Southwest) 107