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Table 4 Comparisons of Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium test among GenCall, GenoSNP and M-D

From: A new model calling procedure for Illumina BeadArray data

Population Num-Sample Algorithm # of failed SNPs
AA I 2005 GenCall 224
   GenoSNP 907
   M-D 422
AA II 83 GenCall 20
   GenoSNP 254
   M-D 80
EA I 867 GenCall 486
   GenoSNP 1024
   M-D 643
EA II 158 GenCall 40
   GenoSNP 348
   M-D 133
  1. Note: AA I: African-Americans not of Hispanic Origin; AA II: African-Americans of Hispanic Origin; EA I: European Americans not of Hispanic Origin; EA II: European Americans of Hispanic Origin; Num-Sample: the number of subjects within each population; Algorithm: three algorithms in this table, that is, GenCall, GenoSNP, and M-D; # of failed SNPs: the number of SNPs fail the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium test within each population