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Table 2 Top SNPs (p < 5 × 10−6) across the MESA ethnic groups a,b

From: Multiethnic genome-wide association study identifies ethnic-specific associations with body mass index in Hispanics and African Americans

  1. Abbreviations: Chr Chromosome, Bp base pair, CI confidence interval, MAF minor allele frequency
  2. a No SNP in Asians with p < 5 × 10−6
  3. b Boxed values indicate the top SNPs within each ethnic group; p-value in bold indicates genome-wide significant result
  4. c Minor allele
  5. d Base pair positions reported refer to the March 2006 human genome reference assembly (NCBI36/hg18)
  6. e I2 values from cross-ethnic meta-analysis
  7. f p-values adjusted for first two principal components and all covariates in ethnic-specific linear regression models
  8. g MAF indicates SNP had a MAF < 0.01 in that particular ethnic group
  9. h MONO indicates SNP is monomorphic in that particular ethnic group