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Table 1 SNPs and a indel with genome-wide significant associations with ANAI4 on BTA2

From: Genetic variants in the upstream region of activin receptor IIA are associated with female fertility in Japanese Black cattle

BTA SNP and indel-ID Reference SNP-ID_numberc position (bp) _UMD3.1d allele_1e Minor allele frequency (upper extrame) Minor allele frequency (lower extrame) allele_2f odds ratio P-value
2 BovineHD0200013961b rs110523739 48225372 G 0.45 0.29 A 1.98 6.52E-07
2 Hapmap43862-BTA-47538a rs41636186 48240577 A 0.45 0.29 G 1.98 6.52E-07
2 Hapmap43863-BTA-47554a rs41636197 48440885 G 0.45 0.29 A 1.96 8.32E-07
2 BovineHD4100001198b rs41636199 48443632 A 0.45 0.29 G 1.96 8.32E-07
2 g.48476925C>T   48476925 T 0.45 0.29 C 1.96 8.32E-07
2 g.48476943_48476946insGGC   48476943_48476946 GGC 0.45 0.29 (-) 1.96 8.32E-07
  1. aSNPs included in the Illumina Bovine SNP50K BeadChip; bImputed SNPs from the Illumina Bovine HD BeadChip. cReference SNP ID numbers (rs) were obtained using the SNPchiMp v.3 database ( dThe positions are based on the UMD3.1 assembly of the bovine genome. eMinor allele; fMajor allele. The upper and lower extremes correspond to ANAI4 values above the 85th percentile and below the 15th percentile, respectively