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Table 3 Primers used in the amplification of the whole bovine CD14 gene and other PCR conditions

From: Bovine CD14 gene characterization and relationship between polymorphisms and surface expression on monocytes and polymorphonuclear neutrophils

Primer *Primer sequence MgCl2 concentration Amplicon size (bp)
BoCD14.83330F 5'ATT ACC TTC TTC TGC ACC TCC A 3' 2.5 mM 1578
BoCD14.84907R 5' GGC AGC CTC TGA GAG TTT ATG T 3'   
BoCD14.84746F 5' CTT CCT GTT ATA GCC CCT TTC C 3' 2.5 mM 832
BoCD14.85577R 5' CAC GAT ACG TTA CGG AGA CTG A 3'   
BoCD14.85456F 5' GGG TAC TCT CGT CTC AAG GAA C 3' 2.0 mM 825
BoCD14.86280R 5' CTG AGC CAA TTC ATT CCT CTT C 3'   
BoCD14.86081F 5' ACC TGA CTC TGG ACG GAA ATC 3' 2.0 mM 747
BoCD14.86827R 5' TAC AGG AGA GCA ACC CTG AAA 3'   
  1. *Primers were designed based on GenBank No. NW_001495367. Numbers preceding F or R in primer names represent their positions on the reference sequence.