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Table 4 F ST values inferred from the 41 samples of the worldwide genotyping survey for each of the seven common SNPs of the NAT2 gene.

From: Worldwide distribution of NAT2 diversity: Implications for NAT2 evolutionary history

  G191A C282T T341C C481T G590A A803G G857A Average F ST over all loci
World subdivided into         
   Five geographic groups (41 populations)a 0.104 0.004c 0.257 0.231 0.022 0.241 0.061 0.152
   Three geographic groups (35 populations)b 0.122 -0.001c 0.308 0.280 0.011 0.291 0.074 0.189
  1. a Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe/North Africa, Central/South Asia, East Asia, Central America [see Additional file 1 for the population composition of each geographic area]
  2. b Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe/North Africa, East Asia
  3. c Not significantly different from 0 at the 5% level