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Table 2 Samples used for SNP validation. All sampling locations were in Norway (Figure 1). The samples used for this study were selected from larger set of samples taken at the sites, selection being based on Pan I frequencies. Frequencies of Pan IA among all fish sampled at the respective locations are given in column 3. Pan I genotypes of the animals used for SNP-genotyping are given in column 4. NEAC = North-East Arctic cod; NCC-N = Norwegian coastal cod north; NCC-S1 = Norwegian coastal cod south site 1; NCC-S2 = Norwegian coastal cod south site 2.

From: Identification and characterisation of novel SNP markers in Atlantic cod: Evidence for directional selection

Sampling location Sample abbreviation Freq. of Pan IA Pan I genotype No of fish
Båtsfjord NEAC 0.125 BB 45
Malangen NCC-N 0.872 AA 11
Molde NCC-S1 0.966 AA 30
Florø/Nærøysund NCC-S2 0.980 AA 9