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Table 2 Allelic variants in the 5' flanking regions of ENaC subunits in Dahl S, R, Wistar, and Brown Norway rats.

From: Sequence analysis of coding and 3' and 5' flanking regions of the epithelial sodium channel α, β, and γ genes in Dahl S versus R rats

Subunit Nucleotide Position Dahl S and R Wistar Brown Norway
ENaC α -705 TT TT CC, CT, TT
  -1050 AA AA GG, GA, AA
  -1247 TT TT AA, AT, TT
  -1788 Deletion of 5GCTs Deletion of 5GCTs  
ENaC β -34381 AA GG, GA, AA GG, GA, AA
  -34648 AA GG, GA, AA GG
ENaC γ -1118 Insertion of CCCCCA   
  -1588 CC AA, AC, CC AA
  -2054 TT TT, CT, CC CC, CT, TT
  -2386 GG AA* AA
  -2525 AA GG, GA, AA GG
  -2561 GG AA, AG, GG AA
  -3313 CC CC TT
  1. Numbering starts at the A nucleotide of the primary initiation codon [15].
  2. * GG genotype was previously reported [7].