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Table 1 Assignment of marker positions according to published databases and to allelic association results

From: Allelic association studies of genome wide association data can reveal errors in marker position assignments

Marker name Assigned position (chromosome:bp)
  NCBI Build 35 NCBI Build 36 (from UCSC browser) By allelic association relationships (approximate)
rs2016844 chr11:8895510 chr11:8895510 chr3:156341383
rs1050301 chr21:44922061 (not found) chr2:86152633
rs2037375 chr12:88585377 chr12:88607040 chr1:33844112
rs4144700 chr11:88729775 chr11:49327410 chr11:49129810
rs3189745 chr2:76397507 (not found) chr14:20010355
rs8812 chr19:23101782 chr19:23101782 chr14:34118096