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Table 7 Results for GSTM1 and Autism Association Study. "Pearson" refers to Pearson's chi-square analysis of the case-control data. "Likelihood Ratio Test" refers to the 1-df test discussed in the text, in this case using the full information in Table 6. OR = Odds Ratio, RR = Relative Risk of homozygous deletion genotype relative (r1 in the text).

From: Analysis of case-parent trios at a locus with a deletion allele: association of GSTM1 with autism

Method Pearson Likelihood Ratio Test
Chi-square 4.84 3.97
p 0.028 0.046
Effect Size (95% Conffidence Interval) OR = 2.02 (1.03; 4.04) RR = 1.85 (1.07; 3.30)
Null allele frequency 0.69 0.71