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Archived Comments for: Development and application of three-tiered nuclear genetic markers for basal Hexapods using single-stranded conformation polymorphism coupled with targeted DNA sequencing

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  1. Correction: typographical error

    Ryan Garrick, La Trobe University

    5 December 2006

    Results: Tests of recombination and selective neutrality (Page 5 of 15)

    Text: “At SmEF-1α, significant evidence for recombination (P < 0.01, Table 6) was detected for three pairwise comparisons involving four of the 21 alleles resolved (A11–A13, A11– A14 and A3–A13). Because three of these alleles occur only in the BR population (i.e. A13, A16 and A18, Table 4)*, which is likely to have been isolated for a long time [31], phylogeographic signal may be relatively unaffected [25]”.

    * Typographical error: "(i.e. A13, A16 and A18, Table 4)"

    Correction: "(i.e. A11, A13 and A14, Table 4)"

    * This typographical error is restricted to the above paragraph only, and results are not affected in any way. The primary author takes full responsibility for this error.

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