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Table 2 Heritability estimates for selected discrete phenotypes

From: X chromosome effects and their interactions with mitochondrial effects

   Model test p-Value
DESIRE   POL vs. sporadic 3.49 × 10-6c
   MIT vs. POL 0.067
   XFX vs. POL 0.050
final model:a h2g: 0.48(0.12) + e2: 0.52(0.12)
CRAVING   POL vs. sporadic 0.0003c
   MIT vs. POL 0.005c
   XFX vs. MIT 0.229
final model:a h2g: 0.00(0.14b) + e2: 0.81(0.05) + h2mt: 0.19(0.05)
SPENT   POL vs. sporadic 0.020d
   MIT vs. POL 0.356
   XFX vs. POL 0.034d
final model:a h2g: 0.00(0.05b) + e2: 0.94(0.02) + h2Xf: 0.06(0.02)
  1. aEstimates (SE) of parameters retained in the final model (the final estimate of h2g is given even when = 0). h2g, autosomal additive genetic heritability; h2mt, heritability due to the mitochondrion; h2Xf, X-linked heritability in females; e2, environmental component.
  2. bOne-tailed empirical SEs estimated for point estimates at the boundary.
  3. cp < 0.01
  4. dp < 0.05