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Table 4 Frequency of auxotrophic mutants among de3-01-CG Ade+ revertants and Ade- survivors. Auxotrophic mutants were detected by replica plating de3-01-CG Ade+ revertants and de3-01-CG Ade- survivors on SDNA+ade and on SDNA+ade + (val, ile, met, arg). The percentage of auxotrophic mutants with respect to the number of tested colonies is reported in parentheses.

From: The exceptionally high rate of spontaneous mutations in the polymerase delta proofreading exonuclease-deficient Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain starved for adenine

  No. of replicated colonies No. of auxotrophic mutants
de3-01-CG Ade+ revertants 375 41 (10.9%)
de3-01-CG Ade- survivors 128 10 (7.8%)