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Table 4 Ethnic group adjusted odd ratios between each PIGR 1093–1739 haplotype.

From: Polymeric immunoglobulin receptor polymorphisms and risk of nasopharyngeal cancer

GC 1.00 0.97(0.70–1.36) 1.93(1.24–2.91) 4.26(1.68–11.85)
AC   1.00 2.02(1.23–3.23) 4.31(1.76–13.18)
GT    1.00 2.18(0.83–7.34)
AT     1.00
  1. Ethnic group adjusted odd ratios were calculated from the number of cases and controls of each haplotype in the first column by comparing with haplotype listed in the upper row. Numbers before () are odd ratios and within () are 95% confidence interval. GC, AC, GT, and AT are 1093G-1739C, 1093A-1739C, 1093G-1739T, and 1093A-1739T haplotypes, respectively.