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Table 3 Haplotype frequencies of PIGR 1093–1739, crude OR and ethnic group adjusted OR.

From: Polymeric immunoglobulin receptor polymorphisms and risk of nasopharyngeal cancer

  case control case control case control  
GC frequency 0.556169 0.525147 0.590097 0.447343 0.543478 0.451985  
OR (95%CI) 1.13(0.76–1.68) 1.18(1.05–3.12) 1.37(1.04–1.79) 1.36(1.02–1.80)
GT frequency 0.148376 0.171968 0.100379 0.234900 0.043478 0.175374  
OR (95%CI) 0.84(0.49–1.46) 0.35(0.14–0.80) 0.64(0.43–0.93) 0.55(0.37–0.84)
AC frequency 0.280194 0.224853 0.278951 0.286302 0.413043 0.283864  
OR (95%CI) 1.34(0.85–2.13) 0.95(0.52–1.72) 1.23(0.91–1.66) 1.28(0.93–1.76)
AT frequency 0.015260 0.078032 0.030573 0.031455 0.000001 0.088777  
OR (95%CI) 0.17(0.04–0.62) 1.10(0.22–4.85) 0.12(0.03–0.40) 0.26(0.09–0.63)
case vs case   0.085      
case vs control <0.05a   <0.05b   <0.005c   
control vs control   0.192      
  1. Each haplotype frequency was calculated by the Estimating Haplotype-frequencies (EH) software program23. Total is Thai, Chinese and Thai-Chinese cases and controls. OR (95%CI) = odd ratios and 95% confidence interval between the tested haplotype and the other three alleles, The OR (95%CI) calculation used the estimated number from each haplotype number of cases and controls. The number of haplotypes in the total category were calculated from the summation of estimated haplotype number from each ethnic. GC, AC, GT, and AT are 1093G-1739C, 1093A-1739C, 1093G-1739T, and 1093A-1739T haplotypes, respectively. Case vs case = p value comparing haplotype frequency between Thai case and Chinese case. Case vs control = p value comparing haplotype frequency between case and control in each ethnic. a is Thai, b is Chinese and c is total. Control vs control = p value comparing haplotype frequency between Thai control and Chinese control.