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Table 2 Results of QTL mapping at three developmental stages (PH1-PH3) and fivefold cross-validation

From: Mapping dynamic QTL for plant height in triticale

  PH1 PH2 PH3
QTLDS 15 18 8
p G-DS 77.7 78.3 73.1
QTLES 14.4 13.1 7.8
p G-ES 77.2 76.1 70.4
p G-TS 55.3 58.2 56.0
Relative bias 28.4 23.5 20.5
  1. Number of detected QTL (QTLDS), proportion of genotypic variance (%) explained by the detected QTL across all families in the data set (pG-DS), number of QTL (QTLES) and proportion of genotypic variance averaged over estimation sets (pG-ES) and averaged over test sets (pG-TS), and relative bias (%) in the estimation of pG.