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Table 5 The results of Gene Ontology (GO) analysis including genes in 0.5 Mb flanking size to SNPs with p < 5.0 × 10 -5

From: Genome-wide association and systems genetic analyses of residual feed intake, daily feed consumption, backfat and weight gain in pigs

Go sub-ontology GO term accession GO term description Involved genes David p-value
Biological process GO:0051246 Regulation of protein metabolic process UBE2L3, PRKAR1A, UBE2J1 0.03
Biological process GO:0044255 Cellular lipid metabolic process SGMS1, PTEN, ALOX12, PRKAG3 0.04
Biological process GO:0006629 Lipid metabolic process SGMS1, PTEN, ALOX12, PRKAG3, PLCD4 0.05