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Table 2 List of significant SNPs with p-value < 1.1e-7 in the Caries dataset

From: Genome-wide Two-marker linkage disequilibrium mapping of quantitative trait loci

SNP ID Gene Chr Coordinate Allele MAF PsmAT PsmLD Phaplo PtmLD
rs7607421 2 220500564 C/T 0.390 3.2E-08 * 2.1E-04 2.0E-06 6.9E-05
rs10790497 CNTN5 11 98539071 A/G 0.346 8.8E-01 8.2E-01 1.7E-03 2.6E-08
rs7319311 COL4A2 13 109828579 A/G 0.326 5.8E-02 2.7E-02 2.8E-02 1.0E-07
  1. PsmAT, PsmLD, Phaplo, PtmLD: p values for corresponding methods. *Significant SNPs identified by smAT. Significant SNPs identified by tmLD.