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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of affected individuals

From: A new locus on chromosome 22q13.31 linked to recessive genetic epilepsy with febrile seizures plus (GEFS+) in a Tunisian consanguineous family

Subject (sex, age) * FS AFS EEG Neurological examination MRI Treatment/age
Onset age/remission, age n Onset age/remission, age Type/n
IV-2 (F, 13 y) 4 y/yes, 10 y 4 7 y/8 y GTCS/3 Normal Normal Normal VPA/7 y-until now
IV-3 (M, 18 y) 2 y/yes, 13 y Numerous 3 y/7 y GTCS/1 yearly Normal Normal Normal VPA/8 y-12 y
8 y/9 y A/numerous
IV-4 (M, 17 y) 2 y/no Numerous 6 y/11 y GTCS/5 3 Hz generalized SW Mild mental retardation Normal VPA/5 y-until now
  1. *All individuals were agree to publish clinical details.
  2. M: Male, F: Female, y: years, FS: Febrile Seizures, AFS: Afebrile Seizures, n: Seizures number, EEG: Electroencephalogram, GTC: Generalized Tonico Clonic Seizures, A: Absence, SW: Spike Wave, MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging, VPA: Valproic Acid.