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Table 5 Details of the SCNN1 gene family members and SNPs selected

From: The sodium channel gene family is specifically expressed in hen uterus and associated with eggshell quality traits

Gene Gene location No. of SNPs1 SNP rs#. SNP location (Chr: bp) Mutations type Major allele (Fre)2
SCNN1a chr1: 80,034,908-80,045,394 2 rs14845039 1:80035441 Synonymous coding (C/T) T(0.71)
   rs13886292 1:80039016 Intronic (G/C) G(0.82)
SCNN1b chr14: 7,002,221-7,011,192 6 rs13532836 14:7005977 Intronic (A/G) C(0.74)
   rs13532838 14:7007309 Synonymous coding (A/G) T(0.51)
   rs14075350 14:7011699 5’UTR (C/T) C(0.68)
    rs13532842 14:7011842 Intronic (A/G) A(0.64)
    rs15731904 14:7003218 Intronic (A/G) G(1.00)
    rs15731913 14:7006347 Intronic (C/G) NA
SCNN1d chr21: 2,435,983- 2,440,820 4 rs14282978 21:2436106 Synonymous coding (C/T) T(0.95)
   rs15181931 21:2438805 Intronic (T/G) C(0.72)
   rs15181934 21:2442772 5’UTR (G/A) T(0.57)
    rs14282986 21:2437824 Intronic (A/G) T(0.70)
SCNN1g chr14: 7,019,365- 7,028,441 7 rs10730783 14:7018929 3’UTR (A/G) G(0.82)
   rs15009191 14:7019233 3’UTR (A/G) C(0.83)
   rs15009198 14:7022273 Intronic (A/G) C(0.77)
    rs15009204 14:7023020 Intronic (A/C) T(0.57)
    rs15009207 14:7027589 Intronic (A/G) T(0.56)
    rs15009209 14:7027788 Intronic (A/G) T(0.57)
    rs14075352 14:7019820 Intronic (C/G) C(0.90)
  1. 1No. of SNPs = the number of SNPs selected in each gene. All SNP positions were reported based on the reference chicken genome (Genome assembly: WASHUC2).
  2. 2Major allele and its frequency; NA means that the allele was not detected.