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Table 2 The proportion of phenotypic variance attributed to haplotype associated with NCP 4

From: Variants in the 3' UTR of General Transcription Factor IIF, polypeptide 2 affect female calving efficiency in Japanese Black cattle

BTA Haplotype Position (bp)_UMD3.1 Qhaplotype Number of animals genotyped for the SNP Qhaplotype frequency Heritability (h2) Haplotype effect on total phenotypic variance1 Qto qhaplotype substitution effect (calves)2 P-value3
12 BovineHD1200004575 and BovineHD1200004611 15353468 and 15465327 A-G 827 0.313 0.11 0.0269 0.054 0.0207
  1. 1The effect of the haplotype was estimated as the least square mean values of GLM analysis. The statistical model for GLM analysis included fixed effects for the farm, birth year and haplotype. The genetic variance explained by the haplotype was calculated based on estimates of the haplotype effect and the frequency of the haplotype [40]. Total genetic variance was estimated by MTDF-REML programs. The effect size of a haplotype was estimated as the proportion of genetic variance explained by the haplotype.
  2. 2The average NCP4 values for QQ and qq are 2.789 days and 2.683 calves.
  3. 3The results were tested by a one-way ANOVA, followed by a Tukey-Kramer test for multiple comparisons.