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Table 1 Chromosomal location in Btau_3.1assembly and GenBank accession number of WC1 genes

From: Gene number determination and genetic polymorphism of the gamma delta T cell co-receptor WC1 genes

Gene name cDNA clone GLEAN number GenBank accession number
WC1-1 CH501 a GLEAN_13183 a FJ031186
WC1-2 CCnd1 GLEAN_13182 a JN998897
WC1-3 CH534 a GLEAN_13181 a FJ031191 a
WC1-4 CH496 a GLEAN_13179 a FJ031202 a
WC1-5 CH590 a GLEAN_13176 a JQ900627 a
WC1-6 CC6 GLEAN_00457/GLEAN_00458 a JN234380
WC1-7 CC7 GLEAN_00456 a JN234377
WC1-8 CCnd2 GLEAN_12186 a JN998896
WC1-9 CH505 a GLEAN_12191 a FJ031208 a
WC1-10 CH601 a GLEAN_12192 a JQ900628 a
WC1-11 CH486 a GLEAN_12182/GLEAN_09904 a FJ031209 a
WC1-12 CC12 GLEAN_09902 a JN234378
WC1-13 CH504 a GLEAN_12187 a FJ031187 a
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