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Table 1 Type I error rates for all tests in simulated data of scenario A

From: Weighted selective collapsing strategy for detecting rare and common variants in genetic association study

Test Type-1 error Test Type-1 error Test Type-1 error Test Type-1 error
R ind 0.054 R i n d S C 0.051 B SSU 0.053 B aSSUOrd 0.06
R sum 0.053 R s u m S C 0.054 B SSUw 0.042 B aSSUwOrd 0.062
C bon 0.054 B ind 0.055 B aSSU 0.062 B wSC 0.042
C logit 0.055 B sum 0.058 B aSSUw 0.055 B wSCd 0.051
B wSum 0.055 B wOR 0.062 B KML 0.056   
  1. There is customized LD structure among common variants and among rare variants. R ind , collapsing method by indicator function on rare variants. R sum , collapsing method by sum function on rare variants. R i n d S C , selective R ind . R s u m S C selective R sum . C bon , single test with bonferroni correction on common variants. C logit , multivariate logistic regression test on common variants. B ind and B sum , C logit with collapsed component from rare variants. B wSum , weighted sum test. B wOR Odds Ratio based weighted sum test. B SSU , B SSUw , SSU based tests. B aSSU , B aSSUw , adaptive sum tests. B aSSUOrd , B aSSUwOrd ordered adaptive sum tests. B KML , Logistic Kernel-Machine Test. B wSC , B wSCd selectively weighted collapsing.