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Table 1 Synthetic lethal or slow growth interactions with mcm2 AA

From: Mcm2 phosphorylation and the response to replicative stress

Gene ORF Function GO growth
chk1Δ YBR274W Checkpoint Kinase 1,2,5 lethal
ctf4Δ YPR135W Sister Chromatid Cohesion 1,2 lethal
sod1Δ YJR104C Response to oxygen radicals 1,6,8 slow
bud23Δ YCR047C Bud site selection 2,3,4 lethal
pep3Δ YLR148W Vesicular docking/Vacuolar biogenesis 3,8 lethal
skn1Δ YGR143W Sphingolipid biosynthesis 7,8 slow
img1Δ YCR046C Mitochondrial genome maintenance 9 lethal
vma13Δ YPR036W Subunit of Vacuolar ATPase 10 lethal
  1. Genes are grouped by their GO terms as annotated in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae database [37]. Gene ontology: (1) Response to cell stress/chemical stimuli (2) cell cycle, (3) transport, (4) RNA metabolic process, (5) signalling process/protein modification process, (6) transcription, (7) carbohydrate metabolic process, (8) cell wall, membrane, & vesicle mediated transport, (9) mitochondrial organization, and (10) other.