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Table 5 Description of the 453 sesame accessions used in this study

From: Genetic diversity assessment of sesame core collection in China by phenotype and molecular markers and extraction of a mini-core collection

Group Acc. No. Type Origin Annotation
I 42 Landrace Northeast and northwest of China agro-ecological zone I
II 78 Landrace Northern China agro-ecological zone II
III 55 Landrace The Yellow River and Huai River valley agro-ecological zone III
IV 69 Landrace The Yangtze and Han River valley agro-ecological zone IV
V 56 Landrace Middle and lower of Yangtze valley agro-ecological zone V
VI 57 Landrace South-central of China and southern China agro-ecological zone VI
VII 47 Landrace Southwest of China agro-ecological zone VII
VIII 18 Cultivar released China -
IX 31 Landrace Exotic accessions -