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Table 1 Plant materials used in this study.

From: Population genetics of foxtail millet and its wild ancestor

Taxon Accessionsa Origin Code Variety Name
Setaria italica ssp. italica     
  00014654 Gongyang, Yunnan, China g137Yunnan NoMiXiaoChuiNiu
  00014528 Anyang, Henan, China g141Henan XiaoHongGu
  00012913 Qihe, Shandong, China g133Shandong HongMaoGu
  00014617 Ninghai, Zhejiang, China g136Zhejiang NingHaiGuZi
  00014570 Shaanxi, China g135Shaanxi LaoLaiBian
  00014625 Yuanling, Hunan, China n793Hunan HuangBangTou
  00022285 Leshan, Sichuan, China n1549Sichuan LeShanBaiNuo
  00005252 Fanshi, Shanxi, China n286Shanxi LiuLengGu
  00001532 Kangping, Liaoning, China n107Liaoning HeiNianGu
  00000077 Nenjiang, Heilongjiang, China n6Heilongjiang CaoPiYiDaoBaQi
  00000158 Baiquan, Heilongjiang, China n9Heilongjiang FuoDingZhu
  00021705 Gansu, China n1473Gansu DaLiangZhouGu
  00018757 Hualong, Qinghai, China n1187Qinghai XiaoHongGu
  00018782 Minhe, Qinghai, China n1199Qinghai BaoMaoGu
  00018783 Minhe, Qinghai, China n1200Qinghai DaliangGu
  00014609 Xinjiang, China n779Xinjiang EminGuZi
  00014612 Xinjiang, China n782Xinjiang ShaWanGuzi
  00018751 Guyuan, Ningxia, China n1185Ningxia XiaoMiaoGu
  PI 433458 Taiwan, China g45Taiwan Megalaoud
  PI 433396 Taiwan, China g50Taiwan Pagarugareano
  PI 433465 Taiwan, China g54Taiwan Balahigh
  PI 433481 Taiwan, China g121Taiwan Ishsumsum
  00014695 Japan n822Japan ZhaoHeNuo
  00014706 Japan n824Japan LiuShiRi
  PI 464241 Bihar, India g27India I.Se 83
  PI 454359 Maharashtra, India g32India I.Se 210-B
  PI 464157 Andhra Pradesh, India g35India I.Se 1
  PI 464287 Kerala, India g36India I.Se 141
  PI 464457 Punjab, India g39India I.Se 304
  PI 427256 Nepal g16Nepal  
  PI 269972 Pakistan g21Pakistan  
  PI 251395 Iran g22Iran BAJRA
  PI 220634 Afghanistan g18Afghanistan  
  PI 473601 Lebanon g64Lebanon  
  Ames 21521 Kazakhstan g14Kazakhstan VYSOKOROSKY
  PI 177543 Turkey g5Turkey KUMDARI
  00014986 Nertherland n836Nertherland Kraftborn
  00015029 German n840German Set64/82
  PI 442551 Belgium g51Belgium  
  PI 283988 Spain g1Spain  
  PI 464567 Switzerland g68Switzerland I.Se 663
  PI 290459 Hungary g3Hungery  
  00014980 Romania g139Romania Romania 1
  00014968 Russian g132Russian  
  PI 464544 Ethiopia g28Ethiopia I.Se 410-B
  PI 209909 South Africa g9SouthAfrican  
  PI 517051 Morocco g72Morocco GR848
  00015040 USA n842USA  
  00015042 USA n843USA  
  00015044 USA n844USA  
Setaria italica ssp. viridis     
  8199W64 England q140England  
  8200W65 France q131France  
  8201W66 German q94German  
  8012Q10 Bashang, Hebei, China q90Hebei  
  8019Q17 Baoding, Hebei, China q91Hebei  
  8003Q03 Qinghai, China q92Qinghai  
  8044Q35 Chifeng, Neimeng, China q88Neimeng  
  8045Q36 Heilongjiang, China q95Heilongjiang  
  8049Q39 Liaoning, China q96Liaoning  
  8004Q04 Lanzhou, Gansu, China q93Gansu  
  8058Q46 Changzhi, Shanxi, China q143Shanxi  
  8005Q05 Xinjiang, China q89Xinjiang  
  8066Q54 Shandong, China q87Shandong  
  8009Q7-1 Kunming, Yunnan, China q142Yunnan  
  GZ001 Guangzhou, China qGuangzhou  
  UC9001 Uzbekistan qUzbekistan  
  UC9012 Japan qJapan  
  ZH001 Zhejiang, China qZhejiang1  
  Ames 21519 Russian q77Russian  
  Ames 21520 Russian q134Russian  
  PI 202407 Chile q80Chile  
  PI 204624 Turkey q75Turkey  
  PI 204625 Turkey q76Turkey  
  PI 204628 Turkey q81Turkey  
  PI 204727 Turkey q83Turkey  
  PI 204730 Turkey q86Turkey  
  PI 212625 Afgnanistan q73Afghanistan  
  PI 221960 Afgnanistan q74Afghanistan  
  PI 223677 Iran q78Iran  
  PI 230134 Iran q79Iran  
  PI 230135 Iran q85Iran  
  PI 408810 Changchun, Jilin, China q138Jilin  
  PI 408811 Shaanxi, China q84Shannxi  
  Pi 442553 Belgium q144Belgium  
  1. a Accession numbers started with PI or Ames were from the National Germplasm Resources Laboratory, Beltsville, Maryland, USA;
  2. Others samples were from Chinese National Germplasm Bank in Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.