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Table 3 Survey of services available for DMD/BMD point mutations

From: Automated DNA mutation detection using universal conditions direct sequencing: application to ten muscular dystrophy genes

Laboratory Pricing TAT comments
Athena Dx Worcester, MA $5070.00 6-8 weeks  
City of Hope Los Angeles, CA $1860.00 10 weeks  
Emory Univ. Atlanta, GA $2313.00 4-6 weeks Resequencing array
CHB* $3634.00 6-8 weeks  
U. of Utah $1175.00 6 weeks Negative -del/dup testing required
  1. Data gathered from GeneTests and telephone survey of available services for DMD/BMD point mutation testing. *Children's Hospital Boston current testing based on DHPLC method, UCDS not yet priced
  2. (Note that the survey was done in April, 2009 and the services fortunately are constantly being expanded and improved.)