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Archived Comments for: Determining the effectiveness of High Resolution Melting analysis for SNP genotyping and mutation scanning at the TP53 locus

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  1. Figure 4 has the text mixed up between parts A, B, and C

    Cameron Gundry, Idaho Technology

    16 March 2009

    Figure 4 has the text mixed up between parts A, B. 4A is the unlabeled probe data, which has more noise than typically seen. 4B is for scanning.

    The figure 4 legend should read as follows:
    "Figure 4. Simultaneous genotyping of common SNP rs9894946 and rare SNP rs17883532. A. In genotyping mode using an unlabeled probe for rs9894946, the 3 genotypes are distinguisable (CC in gray, CT in red, TT in blue). B. In mutation scanning mode, heterozygous samples for either the first (in red) or the second SNP (in green) have virtually indistinguishable melting curves. C. Mutation scanning of homozygous rs9894946 CC subset reveals heterozygous rs17883532 CT (In green)."

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