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Table 1 Karyomorphs previously identified in Hoplias malabaricus according to Bertollo et al. (2000).

From: Comparative chromosome mapping of repetitive sequences. Implications for genomic evolution in the fish, Hoplias malabaricus

Karyomorphs Chromosome number Sex Chromosomes Geographic occurrence
Group I: first chromosome pairs of similar sizes
Karyomorph A 2n = 42 - Northen to southern Brazil, Uruguay and northen Argentina
Karyomorph B 2n = 42 XX/XY Vale do Rio Doce (Minas Gerais State) and Iguaçú River (Paraná State, Brazil)
Karyomorph C 2n = 40 - Northen Brazil to northen Argentina
Karyomorph D Female - 2n = 40/Male - 2n = 39 X1X1X2X2/X1X2Y Upper Paraná hydrographic basin, Brazil
Group II: first chromosome pairs with clearly distinct sizes
Karyomorph E 2n = 42 - Trombetas River (Paraná State, Brazil)
Karyomorph F 2n = 40 - Surinam to southeastern Brazil
Karyomorph G Female - 2n = 40/Male - 2n = 41 XX/XY1Y2 Amazonian Rivers, Brazil