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Table 9 Significant results for haplotype associations.

From: Association between SNPs within candidate genes and compounds related to boar taint and reproduction

Trait Breed Sign. haplotype LRT % of tot.var. Favourable haplotype
ln(Indole) D CYP2E1 21.6 12.2 GDTT
ln(Skatole) D CYP2E1 8.81 6.1 GDTT
ln(Androstenone plasma) NL SRD5A2 10.5 2,0 GT
ln(Androstenone plasma) NL BAP1 6.71 2.7 AA
ln(Androstenone plasma) NL HYAL2 6.23 2.6 AG
ln(Testosterone) NL HYAL2 5.68 2.5 CA
ln(Estrone sulphate) NL SRD5A2 8.92 1.5 GC
ln(Indole) NL CYP2E1 35.7 9.5 GDTGT
ln(Skatole) NL CYP2E1 8.67 4.6 GDTGT
  1. Significance level is presented (LRT) together with percentage of the total phenotypic variance explained by the haplotype and the favourable allele. D = deletion.