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Table 1 SNP arrays investigated in the current study

From: The performance of common SNP arrays in assigning African mitochondrial haplogroups

Corresponding number SNP array Version SNP data Number of mitochondrial SNPs
1 Affymetrix™ Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0 January 2017a 411
2 Axiom™ Genome-Wide Human Origins 1 Array February 2015 256
3 Axiom™ Genome-Wide PanAFR Genotyping Bundle January 2017a 239
4 H3Africa Array November 2018 260
5 Illumina Infinium Multi-Ethnic AMR/AFR-8 July 2015a 373
6 Illumina Infinium Multi-Ethnic Global-8 February 2017a 522
7 Illumina Infinium Omni2.5–8 February 2018 116
8 Illumina Infinium Omni5–4 July 2016a 111
  1. The eight SNP arrays that are compared based on their ability to assign African haplogroups are listed. The version of the SNP array that was used and the number of mitochondrial SNPs are listed for each SNP array. A (a) indicates that this is currently the latest version of the SNP panel. All SNP arrays used the hg19/37 reference genome to refer to SNP positions. The SNP arrays are numbered, and these numbers are used to reference to them in the text