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Table 4 Six key genomic regions identified by the pairwise comparison

From: Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis in Chinese Chenghua and Yorkshire pigs

Genomic regions Number of DMRs Related DMGsa
SSC1:253.47–274.23 Mb 34 SNX30, RGS3, ANAK, CDK5RAP2, ADGRD2, RABEPK, FAM102A, DNM1, GPR107, HMCN2, FUBP3, ABL1, FAM163B, NUP214, MED27, AK8, VAV2, OLFM1
SSC6:148.71–169.49 Mb 18 ROR1, NFIA, DAB1, CDCP2, AGBL4, RAD54L, PRFX1, ERI3
SSC7:0.25–9.86 Mb 26 EXOC2, GMDS, PSMG4, RPRF4B, CDYL, PHACTR1
SSC12:43.06–61.49 Mb 18 UTP6, KSR1, SLC13A2, ABR, NXN, WSCD1, ALOX15, CLDN7, MYH8, SLC47A1, RAI1
SSC14:126.43–140.95 Mb 17 GFRA1, PLPP4, BUB3, DHX32, ADAM12, PTPRE, MGMT, TCERG1L, CFAP46
SSC18:49.17–54.54 Mb 11 TNS3, CCDC201, ADCY1, NPC1L1, GCK, CAMK2B
  1. aRelated DMGs: Based on the Ensemble database ( DMRs differentially methylated regions, DMGs differentially methylated genes, SSC Sus scrofa chromosome