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Table 1 Checklist for experimentally validated miRNA-target interaction (MTI)

From: miR-34a regulates adipogenesis in porcine intramuscular adipocytes by targeting ACSL4

Item Results
1. miRNA gene name (Entrez ID) miR-34a (100316602)
2. Target gene name (Entrez ID) ACSL4 (448980)
3. Species name (Species ID) Sus scrofa domesticus (9825)
4. Genomic location of MTI Nucleotide sequence 5'CACTGCC
Location according to Ensembl X:89761656-89761650
Location within a part of a gene 1934-1940 (location within 3'UTR)
Method for experimental validation Luciferase reporter assay, qPCR, western blot
Cell lines 293 T cell lines, porcine primary intramuscular preadipocytes
5. Sequence variants within MTI None
6. Associated phenotype Adipogenesis
  1. Note:Checklist was prepared according to guidelines for the miRNA target reporting standardization [55]