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Table 1 Variants in ORF-Y and ORF-Z. Variants that are synonymous when translated in the reading frame of the main POLG ORF or that are listed as UTR variants, with their predicted effects on the translation product of ORF-Y or ORF-Z

From: Evidence for a novel overlapping coding sequence in POLG initiated at a CUG start codon

rsID Ref > Alt Position (Anchor) ORF-Y ORF-Z
768005050 G>A chr15:89333152 (GRCh38.p12) no change not in ORF
1057522857 C>T chr15:89330213 (GRCh38.p12) G259S not in ORF
750915606 G>A chr15:89333227 (GRCh38.p12) P194S not in ORF
766842881 G>C chr15:89333233 (GRCh38.p12) L192V not in ORF
1028326668 C>T chr15:89333239 (GRCh38.p12) G190R not in ORF
886044612 C>T chr15:89333254 (GRCh38.p12) G185S not in ORF
1057520491 G>A chr15:89333266 (GRCh38.p12) P181S not in ORF
375445567 G>A/C chr15:89333271 (GRCh38.p12) A179G not in ORF
1567194008 A>G chr15:89333283 (GRCh38.p12) V175A not in ORF
1567194019 C>T chr15:89333287 (GRCh38.p12) A174T not in ORF
779981823 C>T chr15:89333302 (GRCh38.p12) G169R not in ORF
761417163 G>A chr15:89333332 (GRCh38.p12) P159S not in ORF
558958919 C>A/G/T chr15:89333371 (GRCh38.p12) A146T/A146S/A146P not in ORF
1057524724 C>A chr15:89333374 (GRCh38.p12) A145S not in ORF
1057521700 G>C chr15:89333419 (GRCh38.p12) L130V not in ORF
56221189 C>A chr15:89333422 (GRCh38.p12) A129S not in ORF
376266682 G>A chr15:89333425 (GRCh38.p12) R128W not in ORF
144439703 G>A/C chr15:89333491 (GRCh38.p12) R106G/R106W not in ORF
774537232 G>A/C/T chr15:89333518 (GRCh38.p12) L97I/L97V/L97F not in ORF
1241802528 A>G chr15:89333535 (GRCh38.p12) I91T not in ORF
751225754 C>A/G/T chr15:89333545 (GRCh38.p12) A88T/A88P/A88S not in ORF
745310138 T>C chr15:89333569 (GRCh38.p12) I80V not in ORF
1555454318 T>C chr15:89333575 (GRCh38.p12) S78G not in ORF
372383277 C>A chr15:89333578 (GRCh38.p12) A77S not in ORF
796052878 C>T chr15:89333593 (GRCh38.p12) A72T not in ORF
587781118 T>A/C chr15:89333596 (GRCh38.p12) T71A/T71S not in ORF
587781117 C>G/T chr15:89333599 (GRCh38.p12) A70T/A70P not in ORF
1453538834 C>T chr15:89333602 (GRCh38.p12) A69T not in ORF
766501874 C>T chr15:89333605 (GRCh38.p12) A68T not in ORF
570989155 C>T chr15:89333626 (GRCh38.p12) A61T not in ORF
794727268 C>A chr15:89333641 (GRCh38.p12) A56S not in ORF
587781116 G>A chr15:89333668 (GRCh38.p12) R47C not in ORF
944054671 T>C/G chr15:89333695 (GRCh38.p12) S38R/S38G not in ORF
1378670216 C>G chr15:89333701 (GRCh38.p12) G36R not in ORF
535213599 G>A/C chr15:89333716 (GRCh38.p12) R31G/R31C not in ORF
1482684558 G>A chr15:89333722 (GRCh38.p12) R29C not in ORF
1060504037 G>A chr15:89333725 (GRCh38.p12) R28W not in ORF
1057523280 C>T chr15:89333734 (GRCh38.p12) E25K not in ORF
892999189 G>A/C chr15:89333740 (GRCh38.p12) L23V/L23L not in ORF
750010376 C>A chr15:89333775 (GRCh38.p12) R11L not in ORF
1284152513 A>C chr15:89333782 (GRCh38.p12) S9A not in ORF
1057521902 G>A chr15:89333802 (GRCh38.p12) P2L not in ORF
553331485 T>C chr15:89333821 (GRCh38.p12) not in ORF no change
3087378 G>A chr15:89333834 (GRCh38.p12) not in ORF S20F